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We are a happily married Filipino/ Armenian couple who live in the capital city of Yerevan, and we specialize in helping tourists take their travel & tours in Armenia. And, we also help overseas workers in nearby countries to exit to Armenia for visa renewal purposes. We developed the business with one simple goal: To make an affordable and memorable Tour to all the tourist in Armenia.

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Why Exit Here or Get Tour Packages in Armenia?

Many tourists want to take a vacation in Armenia to experience the country's friendly and welcoming culture, see the beautiful snowy mountains and lakes, and to taste the delicious Armenian cuisines.

Others are overseas workers from countries like the Philippines who exit to Armenia to renew their visas for the nearby countries that they are working in.

Top Tourist Destinations In Armenia

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Garni Temple

The only standing Greco-Roman colonaded building in Armenia and It was built in 77 AD during the reign of King Tiridates I. It was a gift from King Nero. The Temple is 40-60mins away from Republic Square

Ruin of Zvartnots Cathedral

Zvartnots Cathedral is a 7th-century centrally planned aisled tetraconch type Armenian cathedral built by the order of Catholicos Nerses the Builder from 643-652. The Ruins is 30mins away from Republic Square.

Tsaghkadzor Ropeway

This is the skii capital in Armenia with the elevation of morethan 3000m. This is also one of the favorite spot of the Skii Olympics worldwide. The Ropeway is 70mins away from Republic Square.

Khor Virap

This is an old monastery and a place where you can see the Mt. Ararat clearly while standing next to the Armenia and Turkey boarder. This is 45mins away from Republic Square.

Sevan Lake

Sevan Lake is the largest body of water in Armenia and it is also the summer capital of the country. You can visit the Sevanavank, an old monastery of Sevan. This is 120mins away from Republic Square.


You can ride in the longest non-stop cable car called "Wings of Tatev" with the cableway of 5.7km. It holds the world record for longest non-stop double track cable car. This is 6 hours away from Republic Square.


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