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Top Five Meaty Dishes in Armenia

Armenian cuisine is one of the most delicious things on earth. In fact, it influences the European cuisine and also dishes of Caucasians. The cuisine reflects the history, culture, and geography of Armenia. It also reflects the traditional crop and animals grown and raised in the Armenian populated areas. And for now, we are giving you the top five meaty dishes that you should not miss while on a day tour in Armenia.

1. Khash

Khash is came from the Armenian word Khashel, which means "to boil". It is also called as Winter Soup, for the reason that it is the traditional breakfast of Armenians in the winter time. It is a beef or lamb feet that have been slow-cooked overnight in the water. This is the most famous Armenian soup that recognized around the world.

2. Lenten Dolma

It is wrapped with cabbage leaves and stuffed with red beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, cracked wheat, tomato paste, onion, and many spices and flavoring. It also has minced meat and rice inside.

3. Armenian Kebab

It is often made with the meat of the lamb (legs or shoulders) or pork. It has onion, oregano, black pepper, tomato paste, crushed garlic, chopped parsley, vegetable oil, lime juice, pomegranate juice, and sweet paprika. Armenians eat it with lavash bread.

4. Armenian Khinkali

Even though this is originated in Georgia, Khinkali can be found everywhere in Armenia. It has minced beef and magical recipe of Armenians. Putting ground black pepper and eating it with your bare hands is so perfect.

5. Armenian Khashlama

It is often served in Armenian wedding, parties and other occasions. The recipe is only onion, tomatoes, potato and highland beef that makes it more delicious. You can also put konyak or beef in the table, and enjoy!

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