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Top 5 Best Natural Hot Springs in Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked mountainous country. No access to any sea or oceans, however, it is rich in mineral and thermal spring. As per the local people, there are hundreds of thermal springs that can be found here, but not all are suitable for swimming. The thermal spring water has been tested and proven to be rich in organic minerals, which can soothe aching joints, heal the skin and lower the anxiety and stress. This is the best tourist destination in Armenia in summer.

#1 - Jermuk Geyser: Known as a spa town located in the south of Armenia. It was considered as one of the popular destinations for local and international tourist who is looking for relaxation. The thermal spring temperature is averaging 30 up to 60 Degree Celsius. It is 3 hours away from Zvartnots International Airport and also in Republic Square of Yerevan. Plenty of hotels are offering a high standard service like Hyatt Place Jermuk and Nairi Hotel and more. There is no public transportation from Yerevan to Jermuk so you can grab a taxi or take a private tour package.

#2 - Tatev Thermal Spring: Tatev was considered as one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Armenia. Thermal Spring temperature here is averaging 25 Degree Celsius up to 35 Degree Celsius and with an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, it will also allow you to see and enjoy the breathtaking view of the forest. It is located at Syunik Region, again in the south of Armenia with the distance of almost 5 hours drive from Zvartnots International Airport. Of course, there is still no public transportation from Yerevan to Tatev so better to take a taxi or take tour package.

#3 - Arzakan hot spring: Popular to the local Armenians because of it's thermal spring mineral that can heal skin problem, musculoskeletal pain, nervous disorder and lowering stress. The water temperature here is averaging 40 up to 50 Degree Celsius. It is near in Aragats Mountain and 1 hr drive from Zvartnots International Airport.

#4 - Hankavan Thermal Spring: This resort offers private rooms that can suit for the family, you can also enjoy and order some Armenian cuisine while looking to the breathtaking view of the mountainous land of Armenia. Thermal Spring temperature is about 35 up to 45 Degree Celsius. It is 2 hrs drive from Zvartnots International Airport and also near to Nairi Spa Resort.

#5 - Ararat Thermal Spring: Also known as Spitaklich Thermal Spring, located at Ararat valley in the southern part of Armenia. It has a man made pool with the average water temperature of 20 up to 25 Degree Celsius. This is not far in Yerevan! infact, it is only 1 hour drive from Zvartnots International Airport with the distance of 60 km.

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