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Visa and Passport

Visa and passportMost of the people are having trouble in getting a visa in a country that they want to go for tour like the US and Europe. but not again in Armenia! Visa is upon arrival and should be paid in Armenian Dram (AMD).

But what if you don’t have AMD in your pocket? This is not really a problem because there is an ATM machine in the immigration of the airport! But some people are having trouble on that ATM for it has a minimum required amount in your card. On that case, we suggest bringing a paper dollar for a smooth transaction so you will not have any problem and you can maximize your stay or tour in Armenia.

Different countries may be required for a different visa application. For example, if you are a Filipino with a Philippine passport you can have two types of Visa. 1st visit is 3,000 AMD ($6) for 21 days and for 2nd or 3rd-time visit in the country you are entitled to have a 150 days Visa for 15,000 AMD ($31). This will only take a few minutes in the immigration section in the Yerevan Airport.

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*If you are planning to Exit to Armenia from Russia or U.A.E we got your back! We are processing Dubai Tourist Visa and Russian Tourist Visa.
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